Writing assistant

I have recently taken it upon my self to attempt to write a book. This may not be news to my small following since most of you who visit me here probably also visit my other blog. But for those who are interested or have not gotten this little snippet of info, you can read all about it here. Because of the endeavor, I am trying to create more structure to my day. So where before I was on my computer all day long out of sheer boredom and to avoid actually doing useful things like finding a job or exercising or something, I now have a formal excuse.

Of course I have not quite mastered the art of time management and being actually productive for more than a few hours at a time, but I am learning. One thing that helps me to no end is the fact that I seem to have my own personal writing assistant. And I didn’t even think of looking for one!

A typical day so far:

  • I wake up wondering why that bus insists on running me over every night. Do my morning necessities, then usually turn on the computer. I have to check my email of course. And then FB. And all the social games I play. Can’t be neglecting my friends now can I? Should only take about 5 minutes.
  • Two hours later I realize I haven’t even eaten yet, so actually get out of bed and maybe even put some clothes on. Go down and make something to eat. Bring it back to my bed, and play on the computer for another 10 minutes while I eat. Can’t really hunker down and focus till I am done eating anyway.
  • Two hours later, wondering why my body is getting so sore, I decide it is time to motivate and get productive. I move the laptop to the desk, get everything set up for some good focused effort. And start the mind and fingers a working….

Keep in mind that for those several hours of actually motivating (at least that is what I am calling it!), there will be no sign of any Ninja Cats within a two-mile radius.

However one of the spookier Ninja Cat skills is to appear out of nowhere when it is absolutely the most inconvenient time for them to do so. I swear they have a sensor placed on my desk chair that sets of an alarm telling them NOW! And some sort of teleportation device.


Lucky has decided to be my writing assistant even if I did not request it. Almost invariably, as soon as I actually sit at my desk with the intent to focus, she will appear at my feet. Batting her head against my legs and aggressively MEOWING what I assume must be encouraging words. It never fails. If I go a whole day without actually working on my book, I won’t see her. But a soon as I sit down to write the book … there is a flash and a smell of ozone and there she is. Ok maybe I am embellishing with the special effects. She seems to even be able to distinguish between the blog and the book. No sign of her right now for instance.

No doubt with her help I will have this book done in no time!