You can even do THAT!

If you have followed this blog at all, you know I have an iPhone.

Being the technophobic technophile that I am, I have mixed feelings about this. It can be an extremely useful tool. I mean as the saying goes, "They have an app for that!" Don’t know how to get from heya to theya? And Google Maps got it wrong (no that NEVER happens!) No worries. Got the handy GPS. Looking for a place to eat, shop, hike, get a tattoo, get married, have your fortune told, sell your kidney? Apps for all of them. Might even be one app that does it all!

Need the answer to an obscure question that has absolutely no value to life as we know it but you must know now? Just google it on your phone. Need to share those incriminating embarrassing er … um …. fun video clips and pics with the world (after actually taking them with the same device of course) just click here and … there.

Or maybe you just need to let the whole world know that your shoelace is untied because ""no doubt they all want to know. And no worries, you can text, chat, poke, message, email, tweet, wall post all your friends on a continuous basis so that there will be no moment that you will be out of touch with the world!

Of course I can’t forget the collection of games of every sort. Survive a Zombie Apocalypse. Cheat at Scrabble. Beat on pigs using birds with anger management issues.

Yep I do ’em all!

My eight year old niece (the one I have been playing Uncle Mom to for a week or so now) is somewhat tech savvy. That is the way of the modern world these days, and it does not hurt that her dad likes his toys. So she has a fascination with my iPhone and wants to watch and play whenever I pull it out (which I do with a junkie’s frequency).

Yesterday it was decided that niece Sarah should call Grandma when she was done with her homework (Sarah, not Grandma). Homework done, I pulled out my handy dandy pocket brain and Sarah asked a question that actually made me OL my L.

"How do you use it as a phone?"

Believe it or not, they actually have an app for that too!