A tough colonectomy

As we traverse this crazy adventure some affectionately (or drearily maybe, depending on your point of view) called LIFE, we constantly encounter challenges of varying difficulties. These will range from “did something just happen” to “if their IS a god, please call ALL of your heavenly heroes back from leave cuz I need some serious smiting right now”. For the most part, they are somewhere manageably in the middle, and if we are lucky we have all the tools necessary to face them. Many of these tools we are born with, others we encounter along the way.  No matter the level of difficulty, as long as we have the requisite tools, and the basic know how on the USE of said tools, all will (probably) be well.

Unfortunately, as much as it sounds like I am describing a video game, we rarely have the option to reset when those challenges don’t go the way we choose.

As we get older and more experienced, we will often find that these tools get lost, or broken. Sometimes they are repairable, or maybe replaceable, but until the repairs / replacements are managed, we might find that certain tasks that were on the lowest difficulty level might suddenly be quite the opposite.

Needless to say, this can be quite frustrating.

Technology being the scary monster evolving being that it is, the repairs / replacement can be quite frightening impressive, and we might find facing our various challenges quite different. We night also find that the repairs / replacements are a challenge in themselves. Get a flat tire, replace the tire … mundane. Lose an arm, replace the arm … kind of neat but takes adjustment. Lose something more critical, like a cell phone or maybe your heart or something like that … now we are talking serious heebie jeebies.

A while back, I lost my colon. This, as you may guess, has caused me some serious difficulties. What’s more, it seems to be causing other things to fail. I have tried the repair option to no avail, and lack the means to replace. Now with the other pending losses, I am truly at a … well … loss. I am not sure how I will continue to function, and fear what the future holds. I have searched google, and while it offers some temporary solutions, they will not work in the long run.

I mean seriously, how is a writer supposed to get anything done without a colon, let alone a semi-colon. And now my quotes are giving me trouble. I might have to start a Go Fund Me campaign soon!!