Cat-chy tune

I have been quiet in the blogverse again of late. I guess I just have not had all that much to say. And my irony and sarcasm glands have barely twitched in the past few weeks. I was starting to wonder if I am suffering from a medical condition. My constant smelling of maple syrup, seemingly emanating from me, may be related … but that can wait for a future post. Today I want to relate an amazing, but also amusing, occurrence that happened to me the other day.

I am sure I have mentioned a few times about Lucky being a very … vocal … cat. At least to me. We chat all the time. Now me being slow in the uptake, I don’t always quite get what it is we are chatting about. But Lucky seems content on those occasions when she feels she got her point across. She also makes her displeasure well-known when she has not.

"AI guess I am starting to understand her more (respond to her training?) because she seems fairly content with me lately. The other day, though, she took communications to a whole new level. I was lying comfortably in my bed, doing something no doubt of EXTREME IMPORTANCE (like exploring the backside of my eyelids or watching cartoons). Lucky got up next to me and started meowing something. It took me a few seconds to realize she was not just talking … she was SINGING. And of all songs … she was singing the NATIONAL ANTHEM (of America … brave kitty). Kind of pitch perfect too. I was so amazed that my first reaction is "I need to post that in the Ninja Cat Journals!" My second reaction was that maybe I should get another witness. Fortunately my father walked into the room and heard it too … he even ran to get my mother, laughing the whole time!

I short while later, I realized it was a dream. You know what gave it away? My dad passed almost a year ago. And I was in the room I grew up in 40 years ago. But somehow the idea of Lucky singing does not seem all that odd!

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