Ice Cream and Crayons

The other day, while Squeak was battling Dragons, I wandered out with my trusty camera for adventures of my own. It was such a beautiful day, and things were really starting to bloom finally. I too quite a few pics(take a look here if you are curious). Overall a very pleasant outing.

""The real adventure was when I stopped in Friendly’s for lunch. Being Easter sunday, it was one of the few restaurants open. Back in the day when everybody still specialized, and Friendly’s was just a dessert place, I used to eat there all the time. I was especially fond of Jim Dandy’s (for those who have no idea what that is, it is a monster sunday that has among other things a banana in it). I have not eaten at Friendly’s in quite some time. It is ironic that this week I ate there twice. Once specifically for a Jim Dandy.

Anyway, I walked into the restaurant, and it was kind of empty as I expected. I was pleasantly greeted by the manager, and led to a booth. As I was waiting to be seated (a quick wait) I had noticed a sign about a coloring contest for kids. So when my waitress came to my table, I asked how old do you have to be to enter the coloring contest.

She smiled with one of the sunniest smiles I have seen in a while, and asked me if I wanted to color. Of course I said yes! So she brought me the kids set up.  Now anyone who knows me would not be surprised I asked. The surprise is she actually brought it. Most just laugh and basically ignore the request.

I have to admit, it is rather difficult to color creatively when you only have four crayons. But I did what I could. The waitress even took my entry and did something with it (though for all I know she actually just threw it out).

Nothing like releasing the inner child to make a day perfect!