The power of the press

Yep! Another post so soon. Humor abounds this week!! But don’t go thinking I actually exited my cave to interact with the world. THIS ONE comes from a newspaper headline.

That is another thing that has become a joke in the modern world. Once upon a time, NEWS sources were dedicated to telling people what was actually going on in the world around them. The respectable ones would not only check their facts before reporting … they would make sure their WERE facts to report before reporting. These days, they are all just propaganda engines, promoting the agenda of whoever (Or is that whomever? See below.) their controlling interest is, or simply telling their intended audience exactly what their intended audience wants to hear. Ironically, occasionally some REAL news slips through. Of course this is usually the news that has the least impact to just about anyone except those in the story and those who might relate to the story.

Another concept that seems to have become passé is to use whatever language the news is being reported in … well … correctly.  Now I am no more grammatically correct than I am politically correct. I rarely use such word forms as “whom”. Few actually use that word, and the ones that do always strike me as saying “I speak Englishly much betterrer than yous does!” And I shamelessly dangle my participles for all to see. But I generally get my sentences structured in the right order, so folk will understand what I am trying to say. This headline was found in my local paper today:

No wonder I can’t seem to raise money for my multiple projects. I am doing it all wrong. Apparently fundraising has taken a new turn. It seems a good way to raise significant funds is to become hired killers. Does one make more money for slaying a whole family than just one individual?