A shift in focus

I have always understood the value of a healthy lifestyle … maybe more so when I was not living one. Usually when I slip away from one is in the darker times of my life, which is not really so unusual. Self-abuse … even passive aggressive self-abuse … is not uncommon when we are unhappy with our lives. If this were not the case, we would not have a world rife with obesity and other eating issues. We would not have people thriving on the unhealthy.

But all aspects of life have their ups and downs. This is only an issue if we do not let ourselves experience both. One can not truly reach the their full potential without pushing limits. And pushing limits means occasionally falling too. To reach the heights, we have to explore the depths. This is a natural part of the journey of life.

That said, part of the reason I got involved with Team Beach Body was because I was in the process of climbing back from a deep fall. I was returning from a fairly dark period of my life … partially consequences of choices I had made; partially a series of unexpected life occurrences. I finally had a long-term goal that kept my attention, and I was willing to commit to it fully. That goal was (and is) to hike the full Appalachian Trail in 2014 … all 2200 miles of it … with a friend. This has become the main focus of my current life. When this was decided this past April, two things needed to happen fairly quickly. I needed to whip myself into physical shape, and I needed to start putting away some money.

Enter Team Beach Body.

I mainly chose that for the options of quickly getting on a track to physical health, and that definitely worked out well. But I was also introduced to the idea of making money with the team, and thus this little project was developed. As I have mentioned a few times, it quickly became apparent to me that I am not really the right person for that gig, even if I will not give up completely. Maybe some day I will make it work for me. So I keep a hand in, primarily so that I might help others find the benefits of healthy living, but also just in case it helps me attain my current goal for next year.

I am bringing this up for a couple of reasons. One to let me know that I am not in this for profit, but simply as a means to a couple of goals: a healthier world and the ability to achieve a personal dream next year. I still believe in the values of what I offer here, and hope to encourage others to partake. My helping them will also help ME keep on track. But I also wanted to promote the other project.  I am not just doing the hike for personal growth, but I am also hoping to raise some money for charity in the process as well. So here is my request. Help me out a bit if you are willing and able. The most productive way for all of us would be to find yourself a program to work with at Team Beach Body. But if this is not a choice you want to make, maybe a small donation to my to the other cause would do? No obligations, of course, but it never hurts to ask.

If you would like to consider (reconsider) a TBB product, you can contact me directly (ether use the contact form or call me at 508-254-7167). If you wish to consider a donation to my hike prep, take a look here. If you would prefer a charitable donation, check out this page. And if none of these ideas appeal to you … no worries. I will not be offended. Maybe you can share the thought with others who might be interested. Or just go on about your lives 🙂  Either way, thanks for considering it.