Adding a little bit of clarity

When I started with Team BeachBody, my primary intent was to start getting into shape again. It has been my experience that no matter WHAT the ads say; no matter what any fitness programs claims, the true path to fitness is the sincere desire to change our life. How we do it; the exercise program we use and the diet we choose to work with are just the tools, ultimately the ONLY way to lose weight and to keep it off is the commitment to do so. That is why so many people frequently fail. We might throw ourselves wholeheartedly into the current diet or exercise program, and succeed for a little while. But if we don’t make into a lifestyle change; if we don’t change the habits and thought processes that CAUSE the weight problems in the first place, the results will almost always be temporary.

I have found several programs that have worked for me, and usually what I do when I encounter a new program is to incorporate those lessons that I have learned from other programs, resulting in my own mishmash of fitness tools. Again if I fail, it is because of my lack of commitment, not because of the specific tools. I have found that the resources Team BeachBody have offered ARE quite effective, and I would not have taken up the challenge of being a Coach if I did not believe in the product. I am also someone who believes in the value of helping others achieve their own potential, in whatever goals they set. This has been one of my driving forces for as long as I have been making my own decisions.

That said, what I am NOT is a sales person. All business have products, even if the product is just a service or an idea. And for a business to be financially successful, there has to be an element of sales in it. Team BeachBody does an excellent job at teaching sales techniques, and supporting their coaches in building their own business, while at the same time providing a useful service for those who seek it. Unfortunately, it takes certain personalities to make their ideas work … and for those who have such personalities it can become an extremely lucrative business, both financially and on a pure satisfaction for helping people level.

Do I look sincere? haha
Do I look sincere? haha

My issue is I am not one of those personalities!

So what am I saying? Am I giving up? Nah. I am too dumb (or stubborn) for that. But I just wanted people to know where I am coming from. I believe in the products. I believe in helping people. I will gladly help anyone achieve their health goals, if they seek help doing it.  I am still offering BeachBody products, because I think they are good and worth the investment (which isn’t really that much … especially if you become a productive coach yourself).  But I will not pester people to buy product. I will not PRETEND to be a friend just to ultimately sell something … I will be an actual friend, and help in any way I am able. I may occasionally approach newcomers to my site or FB page to see if they are interested in actually purchasing something. Please don’t be turned off by this and feel free to say no. It is just a simple reality that one will never know the answer to a question unless it is asked.

I may send out an email in the near future, or possibly post a survey, to get an idea who IS interested in purchasing something, and who has other needs. It would be extremely helpful if everyone responds, even if it is to say you are not interested. I promise I will not keep asking … at least not intentionally. I may do it by mistake 🙂 In either case, thanks for being interested enough to follow me, and I hope someday to be able to learn more about many of you, and maybe be of service to you as well.